Saturday, July 15, 2006

Current Events Present Opportunity for Victory in War on Terror

In January, I wrote a blog called A Bold Strategy for Dealing with Iran in which I argued that, since Iran is the world’s foremost terrorist state, the War on Terror will never be concluded until regime change occurs in that country. My suggestion was for the United States and Israel to openly ally in a military effort to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, decapitate its regime and destroy all of its concentrations of military formations. With Iran no longer a part of the equation, Syria would collapse and North Korea—as Libya did after Iraq and Afghanistan—would receive the stark message that we mean business.

My friends and classmates (including current general officers), who often shake their heads and chuckle at my conservative zeal, presented scores of good reasons why such a bold course posed problems: We are too bogged down in Iraq; the military is stretched too thinly; President Bush is too politically constrained; the world would disapprove; and so on and so forth. To which I responded that there is one overriding reason to do it: A nuclear explosion in a U.S. city, which is far more likely with a terrorist, nuclear-armed Iran than without one.

Taking the offensive against Iran and Syria in conjunction with the Israelis would have the additional benefit of eliminating the one legitimate point of comparison between Iraq and Vietnam: Iran and Syria represent one huge Ho Chi Minh Trail for the delivery of terrorist “insurgents,” IEDs, other weapons and political intrigue that put American troops and Iraqi self-determination at risk.

Now, with Israel launching a major offensive against the forces of evil along its borders, my Bold Strategy makes more sense than ever. The vaunted Arab Street is going to hold the United States responsible for Israel’s actions, so we have nothing more to lose there. The rest of the world is either too decadent to take measures that will ultimately save their citizens from a bleak future filled with terror or too intent on employing Iran and its fellow Islamofascists as counterweights to American power. So it it is up to us. Israel becomes a force multiplier for the United States and we maintain sufficient air power and overwhelming air superiority in the region to launch a shock and awe campaign that would make the prep work for Gulf Wars I and II look like child’s play. We already have boots on the ground and command and control infrastructure in the area, due to the commitment in Iraq.

Military action against Iran does carry the risk of alienating a population that is fed up with the mullahs, but that population is apparently incapable of turning that dissatisfaction into a regime-changing revolution. We lack the time (and probably the capability) to nurture such a rebellion.

Without the shortcut opportunity for victory that current events offer, the War on Terror will drag on for decades and unspeakable atrocities against American troops and civilians around the world, as well as against other innocents, are guaranteed, as is the escalating scale of atrocity. Waiting any longer only guarantees that the surrender lobby in the Democrat Party and the strength of leftist loonies in the decadent West will only gain power as the American people grow weary of yet another endless war pursued by the rules of the Marquis of Queensbury, when a Patton solution is required.

Now is the time to strike. America must join forces with our Israeli allies and end this madness once and for all.

Friday, June 30, 2006

Observations on Items in the News

• There is absolutely no point in bemoaning the release of classified anti-terror programs by the media. The President can and should order the Attorney General to require reporters from The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post to reveal their sources or sit in jail, as the liberals did to Judith Miller over the much-less-important Valerie Plame affair. Then the offending media and the traitors in government who leaked the secrets should be prosecuted for violating the espionage act. Let’s force a Constitutional issue on this one. Note that the Attorney General is seeking sources from San Francisco Chronicle reporters… on the baseball steroids story!

• If Congress has the power to fix the Supreme Court’s concerns over military tribunals, it should do so, post haste. Anyone, Democrat or Republican, who opposes such a fix should be targeted for defeat in their next election.

• What to do about the Supreme Court granting detained terrorists protection under the Geneva Convention is more problematic. Treaty-making powers are granted to the Senate. The executive branch, under the President, has war fighting powers as commander in chief. This ruling is troubling for two reasons: First, the terrorists do not abide by the Geneva Convention themselves; and second, the Court seems to have overstepped its authority. Electing Republicans who presumably will appoint conservative judges is one clear answer (that does not mean people like Lincoln Chafee or Arlen Specter). Another, less likely approach would be to impeach the offending justices. Finally, Congress should take a look at expanding checks on the judiciary branch of government, which would probably entail a Constitutional amendment.

Thursday, June 29, 2006

Prosecute Media Publishers and Government Leakers of Classified Information

I am not particularly upset at The New York Times and Los Angeles Times revealing the latest secret program for protecting the American people as we pursue the War on Terror. No, I am mad at President Bush and the wimps in Congress. The only way to stop this is to pursue the reporters and throw them in jail until they reveal their sources, the traitors within our intelligence community who are leaking classified information. Then the leakers need to be prosecuted. Moreover, they need to go after the news media reveal our secrets by charging them with a crime. If that means a Constitutional showdown, so be it.

The Democrats had no problem throwing The New York Times’ Judy Miller in jail over the trumped up Valerie Plame affair, so there is ample precedent. Bush isn’t going to win any kudos from the leftist media by ignoring their crimes, so what is there to lose?

The First Amendment is not absolute. Just as you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, you shouldn’t be able to blab secrets during wartime, especially when your enemy is a bunch of terrorists bent on killing innocent Americans.

The Republican “led” Congress didn’t even see fit to name The New York Times or The Los Angeles Times in their toothless condemnation resolution. Big deal. But it is about what I've come to expect from Congress.

It is time to get tough with the traitors in government and the traitors in the media. Words and meaningless resolutions won’t cut it.

Congress and the President need to step up to the plate on this one and show some courage for a change. It’s the only way the security hemorrhage is going to stop.

Supreme Court Sides With Terrorists

The Supreme Court’s decision on military tribunals for captured terrorists is just one more good reason why the Culture War for America’s soul is important and must be pursued to its logical conclusion: A conservative court that sticks to the Constitution.

That means not usurping the President’s role as Commander in Chief and not extending the rights and protections afforded U.S. citizens to foreign murderers.

Congress should weigh in on the side of the President on this one. The War on Terror is a fight to the death and we need to stop treating it and the terrorists as just another “gotcha” excuse for Bush-hating politicians.

Non-uniformed illegal combatants who do not follow the Geneva Convention ought to have no protection under any law—national or international. They ought to be coerced into giving up whatever information they have before being executed. Period.

Friday, June 23, 2006

Old or New, WMDs Can Kill You Just the Same

There are WMDs and then there are WMDs.

Apparently even the Bush Administration is parsing the differences in the wake of revelations by Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Peter Hoekstra that American forces have found 500 such weapons containing deadly chemicals such as mustard gas and Sarin, a nerve agent.

“These are from BEFORE the War with Iraq,” the naysayers chortle. “They are degraded to the point where they would be ineffective for their designed use and not a threat to U.S. forces in the 2003 invasion.”

Notice that nobody says how lethal these chemical WMDs remain. They just say they are “degraded,” whatever that means. They say they were not suitable for their intended use, presumably in artillery shells and missiles. What they don’t say is that, degraded though they may be, the chemicals are still extremely toxic to human beings and could be used to murder thousands, only not in the form of artillery shells or missile delivery systems. Oh, thank you; that makes me feel so much better.

Coming on the heels of reports that terrorists planned to kill Americans in New York subways using chemical and nerve agents, the existence of these “lost” WMDs (that were not declared by Saddam to the inspectors) is quite sobering.

We invaded Iraq for a number of reasons, contrary to what the lying Democrats say. One of those reasons was to prevent Saddam’s WMDs from ending up in the hands of terrorists, to be used against us. We didn’t specify at the time that these WMDs had to be of a particular vintage. We didn’t say, Saddam, you can keep all your old, degraded WMDs, but give us all your new stockpiles and all will be hunky dory.

There is ample evidence—from Saddam’s own papers and recordings, as well as from observations of strange convoys headed to Syria during the lead-up to hostilities—not to mention Saddam’s use of WMDs against the Kurds and the cat and mouse game played with international inspectors, that some kind of mass killing devices existed in Iraq. Logically speaking, why in the world would Saddam risk his regime, his son’s lives and his own personal safety protecting weapons that didn’t exist?

I, for one, am grateful that these “degraded” WMDs are in the hands of American forces instead of Saddam or the Islamofascist insurgents. Moreover, I could care less if the WMDs are old or new; if they can kill us—and they can—what difference does it make?

The left is willing to let the chips fall where they may, as long as President Bush’s reputation and latitude as Commander in Chief are compromised. In other words, they are willing to put you and me at risk in order to hurt the man they call “The World’s Number One Terrorist.” The so-called mainstream media are fully complicit in this endeavor. That is why they continue to ignore any news or facts that do not fit their agenda and that is why they are actively undermining our ability to identify terrorists in this country and abroad with the various secret communications intercept and financial transaction oversight programs they have disclosed.

You may thank them when you or your loved ones are killed in a terrorist incident.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

The REAL "Inconvenient Truth"

Two U.S. lawmakers cite declassified portions of an intelligence report which states that American troops have found some 500 chemical weapons (weapons of mass destruction, or WMD) and the next day none of the so-called mainstream media carries the story. In fact, aside from FOX News and a few internet sources (including opinion pieces by leftists dismissing the report out of hand), nobody appears to have touched the story.

Whether you believe Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Hoekstra or not, this is news. The fact that it has been completely ignored is proof positive of mainstream media bias against the war and against this president. After all, the Democrats’ central theme in their all-out assault on President Bush has been that he lied about WMDs and therefore the campaign in Iraq is illegitimate and should never have happened. The news media have reported that story to death. If they were honest and lived up to journalistic principles (what a contradiction in terms), they would be all over this revelation, as well.

The discovery of these WMDs was not a surprise to me. More than a year ago, I had received first-hand accounts from a U.S. Army Chemical Battalion my company adopted that they had found actual mobile weapons laboratories.

Leftist, Bush-hating bloggers will allege that this is just grandstanding by two Republican Members of Congress. They will say (without any proof whatsoever) that the munitions don’t count because they were degraded and probably leftovers from long before Gulf War II. Or they will simply ignore the news, as the so-called mainstream media has done, because it doesn’t fit their political bias.

The existence of WMDs and the media’s and Democrats’ thorough corruption are the real “Inconvenient Truth” Americans need to face.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Redeploy Murtha

John Murtha (D, PA) is the poster child for term limits. Having served in Congress for more than 30 years, it is high time for his redeployment… to the pasture.

There comes a time in each person’s life when the little gray cells of the brain cease to function. In Murtha’s case, that occurred some time ago. But clearly, he is not the man he used to be.

The Democrats’ penchant for using “war heroes” with dubious records to somehow inoculate themselves against criticism is as shallow and callous as it is transparent. Murtha, like Kerry, is a phony warrior who does not support the troops. Both “heroes” have repeatedly insulted true American warriors by accusing them of all sorts of heinous crimes without any supporting evidence. They stand in the great tradition of Benedict Arnold.

I, for one, am sick and tired of mouthing the obligatory, “we thank you for your service,” to anti-military, out-of-touch cowards masquerading as representatives of the American people. Murtha and Kerry are cynical politicians whose sole motivation is power. They long ago gave up any claim to honor. Their betrayal of America’s fighting men and women and their eagerness to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory deserve only contempt.

The complete lack of logic… and seriousness… of their positions on the War on Terror is nothing short of dangerous. They and their ilk need to be redeployed as soon as possible.

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Riddance, Dan

Justice is done. Dan Rather leaves CBS today “to pursue other interests,” as they say when people are forced out.

The veteran CBS blowhard, who helped make his name by insulting the first President Bush, went down with the ship over his phony “news” story denigrating the second President Bush’s National Guard Service during Vietnam. This so-called journalist deserves a Pulitzer Prize for living down to the ideals of today’s lying, plagiarizing, politically-motivated “newsmen,” from Jason Blair to Paul Krugman. He became the poster boy for journalistic misconduct when he stood by his guns long after the papers alleging misconduct on the part of Guardsman Bush were proven to be counterfeit and with the full knowledge that his main source was an unhinged partisan hack.

Thanks to Rather and his ilk, the so-called Mainstream Media are losing their clout; an army of fact-checking, lie-exposing bloggers are helping see to that.

Good riddance, Dan.