Sunday, July 03, 2005

W's Choice is OUR Choice

Sandra Day O'Connor's resignation offers President Bush the opportunity to accomplish one of the things we elected him to do: Move the Supreme Court back toward the real center, which is made up of Americans who love their country, believe in its traditions, respect the Constitution and want to be protected from criminals, terrorists, busybody athiests, the ACLU, Amnesty International, Michael Moore, and incompetent, unpatriotic, lying leftist Democrats.

W should appoint an unabashedly conservative jurist; the Democrats will oppose anybody who is not a leftist, so the President ought to just go for broke. Senator Frist should go nuclear, invoking the Constitutional option to break the Democrat filibuster that is sure to come. Make the Seven Dwarf Republicans put up or shut up (and make sure those who elected them hold them accountable).

Democrats and their Republican Dwarf allies are thwarting the will of the people who elected President Bush for a number of good reasons, including taking back the court from the activists who are undermining everything this country stands for, including, most recently, property rights. It is the President's right and the President's duty to appoint Supreme Court Justices who reflect his, and our, political philosophy.

The Democrats lost the election and will stoop to anything, including violating the Constitution or just ignoring it, to impose their bankrupt policies on us anyway. You cannot compromise with unethical people, and the Democrats are thoroughly unethical.

Stand your ground, Mr. President.


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