Friday, November 18, 2005

Cut and Run Democrats

Now, at last, the truth is coming out about the Democrats: They cannot be trusted to defend America against the terrorists.

They tried to trot out a "war hero" in John Kerry in the last presidential election, but he had feet of clay. Veterans such as myself remember how he lied about the U.S. military in Vietnam and how he dishonored American heroes. The Swift Boat Veterans called his bluff and Kerry went down.

The Democrats have been dishonest about their "policy" toward the battle for Iraq and the overall War on Terror all along. They knew they couldn't reveal their true intentions--to cut and run, leaving the initiative to the terrorists--so they instead decided to use the Big Lie to undercut President Bush and plant seeds of doubt in the minds of the American people.

Thanks to the President's late response to this assault on the truth, and thanks to weak-kneed Republicans in Congress, up to now, it has been a one-sided debate, with liars (the Democrats) carrying the day.

What happens if we do cut and run? The terrorists will be emboldened. Because they are ruthless, they will crush any hope of democracy in Iraq and the forces of evil will take over, just as they did in Afghanistan. Once again, terrorists will have a secure base from which to plot acts of mass murder against Americans. We will have turned the clock back to tit-for-tat: The terrorists kill Americans, and we send a cruise missile up a camel's butt. They kill more Americans and we launch another tepid response. We will have ceded the battlefield to the terrorists and that battlefield will be on our shores.

The Democrats have no plan other than to trash the President. They would gladly put all of us at risk if it gains them a temporary political advantage.

I don't care of Pennsylvania Rep. Murtha is a decorated Vietnam veteran or not. What matters is whether he will protect the American people today. The answer is no.

This war is every bit as important as was World War II. The outcome will decide our fate as a civilization. I would rather fight the terrorists now, before they gain access to nuclear weapons, than after they have vaporized an American city. And rest assured, if we cut and run, the unthinkable will come to pass.


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