Wednesday, November 30, 2005

A Message for the G.O.P.

Early Saturday morning of Thanksgiving weekend, the phone rang. It was the Republican Party, asking for money. What they got instead was an earful.

“I want you to take this message back to the Party,” I said. “You will get no further money from me or my family until the Republicans in Congress develop a spine. I am tired of supporting so-called Republican candidates in the House and the Senate only to see them act like the minority party… in other words, incapable of governing. I am tired of helping field candidates with my hard-earned dollars who don’t support the President, run at the first sign of disapproval in the polls, are wishy washy on the War on Terror, won’t move conservative judicial nominees to an up or down vote, and spend my tax dollars like drunken sailors.”

“But it is vitally important that we hold onto the Senate majority in 2006,” said the Republican fundraiser.

“We don’t have the Senate right now,” I replied. “Look at the vote on the Warner Amendment [requiring periodic updates on the War in Iraq by the President and interpreted by Democrats and their media brethren as a vote of no confidence] by even supposedly conservative Senators such as John Cornyn of Texas and presidential hopeful George Allen, with only 13 Republicans voting nay.”

But I was just getting going. Before she could make another argument to contribute, I said, “Look at that weak-kneed excuse for a leader Bill Frist, and his even more weak-kneed predecessor Trent Lott, who wants his position back. Look at all the RINOS [Republicans in Name Only] like Lincoln Chafee, Olympia Snowe, Susan Collins and that sell-out who owes his very election to President Bush, Arlen Specter. Look at the seven dwarf Republicans who cut a deal with the Democrats to avoid changing the rules on filibustering judicial appointments. As far as I am concerned, they are all clock-punching politicians with no ideology and no principles. Look at all the Members of Congress who fail to come to the aid of Tom Delay, yet excuse the Dick Durbins of the left.”

The lady from the Republican Party tried valiantly to make another pitch, but I cut her off at the knees: “I don’t want to talk about this anymore because it just makes me mad. Just tell the Party they will get no more money for me and if it takes losing the Senate to set them straight, then so be it.”

I hope she got the message. Better yet, I hope those spineless Republicans I helped elect get the message that they are losing their base.


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