Tuesday, November 29, 2005


With the country engaged in the War on Terror, we can no longer afford porous borders. Apart from the strain on social services caused by a huge tide of illegal aliens, open borders invite terrorist infiltration.

Building a wall or fence along the Mexican border, with sensing devices and an expanded Border Patrol, are part of the solution. Tougher penalties on illegals caught trying to enter the United States or already residing here—including jail time—is another necessary step, as is punishing American businesses that flout the law and hire illegals. And settling exactly what the 14th Amendment to the Constitution means when it says, “All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside,” is imperative. Any law limiting citizenship of the children born to illegal aliens while in the United States will most certainly become a Supreme Court issue, so proponents of such legislation (myself included) should launch a parallel effort to amend the Constitution and plug this loophole. Time is of the essence.
The Canadian border, while apparently not a major conduit for illegal immigration, is still extremely porous to terrorists and must also be sealed.

Can it be done? As an Army officer in West Germany during the Cold War, whose unit patrolled the East German and Czech borders, I can answer with an unequivocal yes. The East Germans, in particular, had an extremely effective barrier system. Theirs included minefields and shotgun charges—which I certainly do not advocate employing—but their system of remote sensing devices, military patrols and a high chain-link fence, eventually replaced by a concrete wall topped by cylinders that rolled to prevent one from gaining purchase, worked.

Which brings me to my recommendation for an important, yet extremely simple, adjunct to any overall border security plan: stationing military units along both U.S. borders.
As long as we are closing or consolidating old and redundant military bases in the United States, why not exchange many of these properties for outposts all along the Mexican and Canadian borders, with major installations being relocated closer to those borders? That way, our military could perfect their skills in border interdiction (skills greatly in demand along Iraq’s borders with Syria and Iran today), while enforcing our laws against illegal immigration. By far the best training vehicle for any military or police force comes from performing a real job in the field against a real opponent, so our troops would gain extremely valuable experience. The military already has the best equipment available for incursion detection. Moreover, such a plan would reduce the level of expansion required in the Border Patrol, thereby resulting in cost savings, while increasing the deterrent factor to crossing into the United States illegally.
With the War on Terror, America’s porous borders have become a monumental national security concern, as opposed to just an easy conduit for illegal immigration. What better way to deal with the situation than with our Armed Forces?


At 9:08 PM, Blogger bronzegirl2003 said...

I believe those people who think that illegal immigrants should be sent back to their home country are ridiculous. Think about it this way, all the jobs having to do with agriculture and construction are mostly comprised of illegal immigrant workers. If they are required to go back to their home country, who will replace those jobs? People say that these "ILLEGALS" are not paying proper taxes and what have you, but look at how many citizens we have here in our own country that feed off of unemployment which we also have to pay for. I think it is great to see someone in this country who wants to be here, who wants to make a better life for their family, get a better education for themselves and their children. Many of these immigrants come from poor cities in other countries. Are we not the "LAND OF OPPORTUNITY"? Shouldn't we SHARE THE WEALTH? I can't believe so many people want immigrants out of our country, when they actually help businesses, they actually take the jobs that some people in this country do not want to take. People who believe this need to watch a movie called a Day Without a Mexican, because if this law somehow manages to push itself through, that is what this country will be like.


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