Friday, December 23, 2005

Democrat Storm Troopers Abuse Their Office to Persecute Political Opponents

Why the U.S. Constitution’s Sixth Amendment grants Americans the right to a speedy trial is underscored by the Tom DeLay case, in which rogue prosecutor Ronnie Earle is abusing his position to pursue a political vendetta against the Texas Congressman.

Earle has a long history of misusing his office to bring down political opponents by charging them with criminal conduct. His record of having case after case thrown out illustrates how baseless his past attempts to criminalize politics have been. Where he has been successful in the DeLay affair is in forcing the Congressman to temporarily step down from his leadership role. By dragging out the trial date, Earle and his fellow Democrats hope to keep DeLay out of his Republican Party leadership position indefinitely.

Why? Because DeLay is effective.

The larger issue is abuse of power by people like Ronnie Earle. That means the entire Democratic Party. They have been trying to get not only DeLay, but President Bush, by throwing anything and everything up against the wall to see what sticks. Of course, this requires lying, which is something the Democrats have refined to an art form.

The danger to the American people is that such behavior thwarts the democratic process, emboldens our enemies in al Qaeda and undermines confidence in government and other American institutions.

The Democrats aren’t about to change and that is why Republicans should turn the tables and start prosecuting people like Ronnie Earle.


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