Thursday, December 29, 2005

The Party of "No"

Groucho Marx sings a song in the movie Horsefeathers that ought to be the Democrats’ anthem: “Whatever It Is, I’m Against It!” More and more, they are like the David Spade character in those “No” television commercials. You never see a Democrat smiling. He or she always has a look of pure constipation and misery, with a whiny, nagging voice to match.

Like a herd of lemmings, Democrats have collectively gone off the deep end. They are against the War on Terror, against detaining or rendering terrorists, and against intercepting communications between al Qaeda its sympathizers and agents among us. They are against the military, against the Iraqi elections, against George W. Bush, against Christians, against any Christmas displays (against even the mention of Christmas, for that matter), and against the national motto, In God We Trust. They are against the U.S. Constitution, at least when it comes to the right to keep and bear arms and freedom of speech (though they will use the Constitution to bolster their arguments against common-sense tactics against terrorists, for instance). They are, in short, against our institutions, our traditions and against the truth.

It is a wonder they haven’t caught on by now to how negative and sour and unfulfilled and extremist and, well, whiny they sound. It is a wonder they haven’t figured out that in a time of great peril, as we are now, no sane American would trust them near the White House. That is why Hillary has to “move right” and pretend she is something she is most assuredly not. It doesn’t bother her to do so because lying comes naturally to Democrats; it’s what they do.

As far as I am concerned, as annoying as it is to hear them carp and bitch and second-guess and twist the truth, it is somewhat refreshing. Why? Because they have dug themselves a very, very deep hole and only continue to dig it deeper. Who wants to vote for a party that only wishes the worst for America and only thinks the worst of America?


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