Monday, December 12, 2005

Rumsfeld v. FAIR: Important Supreme Court Ruling Pending

The U.S. Supreme court is currently reviewing the Solomon Amendment, which would bar federal funding to universities that do not permit military recruiters on campus. Early indications are that the court will uphold the band, in which case the universities will have to decide whether to forego the estimated $35 billion a year they receive in federal financial support.

The case, Rumsfeld v. Forum for Academic and Institutional Rights (“FAIR”), according to the universities opposing the Solomon Amendment, supposedly revolves around gay rights. Because the military “discriminates” against homosexuals in its don’t ask, don’t tell policy, the universities have a right to exclude military recruiters, the academics say. They argue it is a question of free speech; the court appears skeptical.

Of course, the academics—leftists all—are doing what leftists do best: lying. Their real objection is to the military itself. The discrimination argument is only a fig leaf for their anti-American bias. Many of these same universities have banned military recruiters, as well as ROTC programs, since the War in Vietnam, whereas the Solomon Amendment only dates to 1996.

With the nation at war with brutal terrorists, we owe our military all the support we can muster, and denying anti-American universities federal funding if they ban the defenders of freedom from their campuses is not only right and just, but long overdue.

You won’t find much discussion of the pending court decision in the so-called mainstream media, because it looks as though the leftists are going to lose this one.

We already know just what academics are; now we’ll see what their price is. My guess is that they will take the money.


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