Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Every Silver Lining Has Its Cloud

An item caught my attention in The Houston Chronicle’s Letters to the Editor over the holidays. It had to have been written by a liberal because it took a good thing and found something negative to say about it.

The subject was tree plantings along some of Houston’s motorways. The author complained about the downside of such beautification projects: It seems that the trees are attracting wildlife, such as raccoons, which have to cross the road in order to get to the vegetation. Apparently, several were killed by cars.

You just can’t win with liberals. Pave over the trees along the highway to save the coons and they will be yelling about urban blight and loss of habitat. Nothing pleases these people because they are miserable little curmudgeons who want to run the world for the rest of us. Monday morning quarterbacking is their forte.

Perhaps the biggest surprise was that The Chronicle ran the letter in the first place… and even added a photo! Of course, the so-called mainstream media is into the negativity up to its neck, so I suppose it was to be expected.


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