Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Targeting Iran and Syria

Iran and Syria, you’re next…

Both countries have been funneling weapons and terrorists into Iraq to kill Americans and innocent Iraqi citizens. Both countries are major supporters of international terrorism. Iran is thumbing its nose at the world as it brazenly pursues a nuclear bomb (they don’t need energy, because they have all the oil and gas they could possibly use). Iran’s president, despite denials by Iranian leaders themselves and the leftist U.S. news media, is most likely the thug who led the takeover of our embassy in Tehran in 1979, a blatant act of war that weak-kneed Jimmy Carter did absolutely nothing about (that was the first of the dots connecting to 9/11, by the way).

Now that the Iraqi situation is stabilizing and they have a fighting chance at democracy, it is time for us to turn our attention to our other enemies in this global war, and Iran and Syria ought to be at the top of the list.

This does not mean sending legions of battle-hardened American troops into either country. A more sophisticated strategy would be to first take out any nuclear facilities in Iran with precision bombing and perhaps small commando raids, then start targeting the head terrorists (including the presidents and top generals and weapons scientists of both Iran and Syria) personally, as we have shown we can do using drones, cruise missiles and other high-tech weaponry.

Both nations are extremely vulnerable. Iran is rapidly becoming an international pariah, and has essentially disenfranchised its population by prohibiting moderates from even participating in politics, and Syria has been exposed as a literally murderous regime to the extent that it was forced to pull out of Lebanon. It is high past punishment time.

Sure, the liberals and the Euros will fret, but neither have the teeth or the cojones to do much to stop us. They can rant and rave all they want, but why not let Bush be a lame duck president, if it means he can utilize his full powers as Commander In Chief to further transform the political (if not the physical) landscape of the Middle East? It would be worth it.

Already, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Pakistan and to a large extent Saudi Arabia have one way or the other changed their ways. Other regimes are on the fence and watching for developments. The terrorists are on the run or in hiding just about everywhere except within the Axis of Evil. By forcefully and severely striking at the heads of the terrorist regimes in Iran and Syria, we might just send a message to North Korea that it is past time to pull a Libya and start reforming.

The War on Terror is not only winnable, but victory may be within our reach sooner rather than later. If we have the will.


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