Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Dishonoring Coretta Scott King

The left never learns.

Just as they turned the Paul Wellstone memorial service into a low-class partisan political rally, people who should have been celebrating the life of civil rights heroine Coretta Scott King turned to Bush-bashing. SCLC co-founder Rev. Joseph Lowery and that weak-kneed ex-president who made the War on Terror necessary, Jimmy Carter, defiled the proceedings with insults hurled at President Bush, who, with the First Lady, came to honor Mrs. King.

The crazed left may applaud such antics, but the American people know a cheap shot when they see it and are not amused. Lowry, Carter and the rest of the so-called leaders on the left are small-minded and crude and they dishonor Mrs. King and themselves.

They should keep it coming. They are converting more and more upstanding Americans to Republicans.


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