Friday, February 10, 2006

Western Civilization in the Balance

The riots over cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammed, like the election of Hammas by the Palestinians and the Paris riots, are a good thing. They let us—and more important, the Europeans—know exactly where Muslim opinion stands and how far they are willing to go in the jihad against Western Civilization.

Will the Europeans join us in the War on Terror as a result of this knowledge? Perhaps later. Courage is a fleeting virtue in decadent socialist nanny states, and available funding for military readiness is sparse. But, surely, they must know that this is but a taste of what is in store if they bury their heads in the sand as they did before the Second World War.

Europe doesn’t know it yet, but they are at war. It is a clash between Western Civilization and Judeo-Christian culture and a Medieval society based on a religion that never underwent a Reformation. It is a clash between a tradition of tolerance and one of intolerance and hostility. It is a clash between believers in human rights and freedom of expression versus subjugation and tyranny.

The enemy is ruthless and cunning—some of the harshest images that provoked the cartoon riots were created and disseminated by radical Islamist clerics. They think nothing of murdering innocent men, women and children of any faith, including their own. They seek weapons of mass destruction and will use them.

The only course of action for the West and the civilized world is to fight to the death, destroy the radicals and their perversion of the Muslim religion, then reform that religion, instill an appreciation for human rights among its people and create societies where liberty and economic freedom abound and militant theocracy and corruption are banished.

At this moment, the defense of the West is led by the United States and a handful of free nations. Most of Old Europe, along with Russia and China, either stand on the sidelines or ally with the enemy in a futile attempt to avoid becoming a target of Islamic radicals. Yet targets they are.

Eventually, they will come to their senses. But before that happens, how many innocent people will have to die? Will they wake up before a jetliner flies into crowded buildings in Paris, Frankfurt, Moscow or Beijing? Or will it take a mushroom cloud? Time is growing short and the battle is at hand.

Who will have the courage to join us?


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