Thursday, March 02, 2006

Cancer in the Classroom

The leftist indoctrination of American youth in schools and colleges needs to stop. Thanks to some courageous students who are reporting teachers and professors for inappropriate propagandizing in the classroom, more and more educational institutions are being forced to deal with what has clearly become an intolerable situation.

In Colorado, a high school world geography teacher was recorded by a student as he ranted about the evils of capitalism and in a duplicitous, passive-aggressive manner, compared President Bush to Adolf Hitler.

Brainwashed students protesting that teacher’s suspension as the case is investigated only underscored the degree to which they are affected by such indoctrination by shouting “Bush sucks!”

Meanwhile, in New Jersey, another high school teacher organized a school supported war crimes trial of President Bush that the teacher and principal passive-aggressively tried to pass off as an educational exercise.

Many colleges and universities, despite their pretense of promoting diversity and open discussion of ideas, have banned ROTC and recruiters from campus and employed police state tactics to stifle the conservative viewpoints, limiting the free speech rights of conservative students while allowing leftist hate mongers such as Ward Churchill free reign to spout their invective. Professors have been known to berate students who don’t adhere to the leftist party line.

It’s time parents, as well as students, took a stand. Through the local school board and PTA, parents need to strenuously object to all forms of propaganda in the classroom. Parents of college-bound students who will be spending their hard-earned dollars to provide their children with a strong educational foundation must insist that professors teach, rather than preach. Alumni must vote with their pocketbooks by withholding funding for institutions of higher learning that engage in political indoctrination.

When I went to grammar school and high school in the ‘50s and ‘60s, we still said the Pledge of Allegiance every morning and teachers emphasized subjects such as good manners, good citizenship, personal responsibility and reverence for our institutions, in addition to math, English, science, history and geography. We were encouraged to think and debate but teachers did not use the classroom to push their own political or social agenda.

Somewhere along the way, we took a wrong turn and a cancer began spreading throughout our educational system. It is high time that cancer were excised.


At 7:31 AM, Blogger Cadillac Bob said...

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At 7:32 AM, Blogger Cadillac Bob said...

Absolutely, Shane!

I taught freshman English for a year in graduate school. I left because so many professors and graduate students were leftist losers, hiding from the world in academia.

They've turned our educational system into a "worker's paradise" ...

7:31 AM


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