Friday, March 31, 2006


What just about everyone—including The Wall Street Journal—seems to be getting wrong about the illegal immigration issue is that, post-911, it has everything to do with national security.

Even the Journal, in its March 31 editorial, pulls the race card, suggesting that the GOP is losing its ties to Ronald Reagan as it moves toward Tom Tancredo on the issue of illegal immigration. This has nothing to do with our immigrant tradition and the vaunted “shining city on a hill.” We are being invaded, and unless we take immediate steps to stop it, one day a terrorist is going to slip through and create a “shining city,” only it will be due to radiation.

The American people want our borders sealed. We can debate the merits of a guest worker program, or amnesty, or criminalizing illegal immigration, or going after employers, but a necessary first step is to stop the bleeding. And that means a barrier and effective interdiction.

There is plenty of room for demagoguery by politicians of all stripes, without The Wall Street Journal presuming to lecture us on civil rights.


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