Monday, April 17, 2006

Just Punishment for Islamic Terrorists

Call me sentimental. But I would give Zacarias Moussaoui the martyrdom he requests, only with a few changes as to the manner of execution.

First, I would make his last meal pork-based. Pure pork. I would tell him it was lamb until after he finished and then show him the cuts of meat from which it was taken. Show him the journey of his pork from barnyard to slaughterhouse to kitchen to his plate.

Then, instead of a firing squad or lethal injection, I would feed him to ravenous hogs. Let them eat him alive. Let him die knowing that instead of meeting a bunch of virgins with hair under their arms, he has a date with the Devil. His soul will be forever damned.

I would make videos of the final meal's preparation and consumption. And, of course, of the hog feeding. I would distribute these throughout the Muslim world, underscoring the fact that from here on out, the bodies of terrorist pigs will be treated accordingly. And I would carry out that threat. In spades.

I have been saying for a long, long time, that we need to get more brutal, more forceful, in pursuing the War on Terror. That is my only real complaint with the Bush Administration. I understand why they are trying to walk a thin line and not upset all Muslims, but I don’t agree. I believe this is a fight to the death with worthless dregs who need to die in the most painful way possible, with no hope of redemption, or virgins, or anything in the afterlife except perpetual damnation. And their fellow Muslims should be scared witless (I don’t really mean “witless”) of confronting the American juggernaut.

One of these days, another terrorist will get through our defenses. With the right weapons in hand (and, rest assured, Iran is working on that right now), they will kill tens of thousands of us, if not millions. Eventually, we will get the message and come down with everything we’ve got: nukes (strategic as well as tactical); nerve agents; biological weapons... and we will exact revenge not only on the terrorists and the governments that support them, but on the people of the Muslim world who have not policed their own house. And probably on North Korea, too, just for grins.

I hate to see it come to that, mainly because of my countrymen will die, but also because many more ordinary Muslims will perish in the fury of our response. Better to brutalize the terrorists now, before they have a chance to strike our homeland again. But, I don’t think we have it in us to do that. Not yet, anyway. But that time will come.

Mark my words; that time will come.

Meanwhile, think pork!


At 2:34 PM, Blogger Dan-Gerous said...

The Ottoman Turks had descended from a large conglomeration of other tribes in Asia Minor in the late 13th Century.
Of course, in 1431 they could not have foreseen their encountering a quarter-century later of a certain Romanian named Dracula who would outride, outthink, outsmart and outfrighten them – right out of their sandals.
Impalement wasn't a Dracula creation; if you remember, he learned about it while a boy in Adrianople. The French employed it before the guillotine. Spaniards and Hungarians used it.
For years, the Wallachian had been capturing Turkish soldiers and spies, wisely keeping them on hold as a bartering mechanism. His dungeons at Tirgoviste, at his castle and at other outposts amid the Carpathians bulged with them, some 20,000 captives. Now, with the defeat of Wallachia a possibility, Dracula decided that he had nothing to lose, all to gain. He went for the tool that worked before, to cut deep into the psychological edge.

When the Turks arrived outside the walls of Tirgoviste, they paused. And they trembled. Some wept. Many vomited. Encircling the town were the bodies of their very own comrades, 20,000 of them, their long locks and robes fluttering in the breeze, their eyes staring vacantly down, their mouths emitting the sharpened point of a spike hammered up their backsides. There was no sound from inside the enemy's walls, no movement from within. But, the volley of silence was deafening.

The Turks buckled their steeds, reigned and bolted for the Danube. Cries of "Allah, protect us!" on their lips, they dashed from the devil whom they couldn’t defeat.

At 3:11 PM, Blogger AMERICA'S WAR CHICK said...

Unfortunately, Shane, we have not remained vigilant. The American will broke in the 60's due to the lies of Cronkite and the rest of the Hippy Press, and what was left was taken care of by our communist education system--my degree is in education--and Political Castration. The real government of America--the people--has forgotten that those representing this Republic work for us, and that we need a Restoration--restoring this nation to its constitution, and kicking out those who refuse to live by our freedom for all creed. Most of us have the guts, but not the persistence. Pity.

Resa LaRu Kirkland


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