Monday, April 24, 2006

Prosecute CIA Rogues, Mr. President

Rogue CIA agent Mary McCarthy, who revealed highly classified information to the press, needs to be prosecuted and sent to prison. If the Bush Administration fails to do so, for whatever reason, it is not fulfilling its responsibilities in time of war.

Moreover, we need to get to the bottom of a highly politicized CIA and State Department, in which rogue employees feel free to undermine national security and the policies of a duly elected president. I would favor making them subject to something akin to the Uniform Code of Military Justice, so that failure to carry out the legitimate orders and policies of their Commander in Chief would be a criminal offense.

If special prosecutors can investigate Scooter Libby for revealing the name of a non-covert CIA agent who was actively engaged in undermining presidential directives, when outing Valerie Plame was not even a crime, then surely releasing classified information to the media that could harm our troops and our country in time of war is a much more serious offense, deserving of trial and punishment.

The Justice Department absolutely must pursue this case, if need be, to the ends of the Earth. It is up to President Bush to ensure that it happens. We also ought to take a look at punishment for news media that publish classified material. That should not be protected under the First Amendment.


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