Thursday, April 27, 2006

Time for President Bush to Take the Offensive

With President Bush’s poll numbers languishing in the 30th percentile, sharks of all kinds smell blood in the water. Democrats and the media will, of course, continue to try to fatally wound this presidency, using lies, half-truths and specious arguments. Republican cowards, too timid to lead, too afraid of the next election, will continue to waffle, avoid confrontation with the Democrats and distance themselves from the president. And people like me, who have supported President Bush through thick and thin, will wonder at the lack of engagement by this White House that has taken us to this point and whether the situation is still salvageable.

The War on Terror, with campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq, and a new front that needs to be opened in Iran and Syria, is the most important issue of our age. President Bush has had the right idea from the beginning, but his complete lack of engagement in confronting the lies being spread by Democrats and the media has ceded the field to the dissemblers. Repeated enough, without contradiction, the canard that “Bush Lied, Thousands Died” has taken root in the American consciousness. The Democrats have never been told to put up or shut up when it comes to formulating a coherent policy on the War on Terror. “We will do better” is not a policy, it is an empty promise. Yet, that empty promise has been allowed to take on the semblance of strategy. As a result, continuation of the War on Terror is now threatened, which means that all of us are at greater risk of becoming victims. That is completely unacceptable.

Also unacceptable is that the meaningless dialogue with Iran should continue. That country is a fascist state and has made no bones about its nuclear ambitions, as well as its intent to destroy Israel and kill Americans. They have met every overture with threats. We should believe them. Their nuclear program must be destroyed, but so must their regime. Otherwise, a nuclear device will surely go off in an American city, sooner rather than later. That must be prevented at all costs. We must be prepared to do anything, absolutely anything, to eliminate the threat, including preemption employing our own nuclear weapons if necessary.

Rogue elements in the CIA who have disclosed classified information about secret prisons for terrorists and the communications intercept program need to be ferreted out and prosecuted for treason. The media who have published that classified information should be forced to reveal their sources and punished as well. We are at war and their subversion is undermining the war effort, killing our troops and making us all more vulnerable. The First Amendment should remain intact, but those who violate the law in leaking or publishing classified material should face dire consequences, including jail time. Locking up reporters and editors for telling the enemy our secrets does not violate the First Amendment. Why hasn’t the Justice Department moved on this? There is no excuse for this inaction, and the buck should stop at the president’s desk.

Five years after 9/11, our borders remain porous. Reports are that people of Middle Eastern descent have crossed into the United States from Mexico. One would be surprised if they have not. The same goes for Canada. We must stop illegal immigration now. The American people are overwhelmingly opposed to illegal immigration and want it ended. Thousands of illegals protest and our politicians and the media want to give them equal standing with American citizens when it comes to immigration policy. That is an affront to our Constitution and to all citizens. Both parties and the president himself are completely tone deaf on this issue. Stop illegal immigration first. Seal the borders. Prosecute those who hire illegals. Enforce the law and require cities and states that receive federal funding (that means all cities and states) to enforce it as well. Deport illegal aliens and provide prison terms for repeat offenders. Then, and only then, can we talk about amnesty or guest worker programs. Our politicians, ever the panderers, are 100 percent out of step with the American people on this issue and it is time they were held to account.

All of these issues relate to national security. Take action, Mr. President, and the people will follow you. But you must be engaged.


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