Monday, May 22, 2006

American Credibility Abroad

To hear the Democrats tell it, the United States has lost credibility abroad, thanks to the Bush Administration and the War on Terror, specifically the Battle for Iraq. Let’s examine what that means.

First, it means that the United Nations is unhappy with us; first because we did the job they were supposed to do when Iraq repeatedly violated the truce terms from the first Gulf War. Not only did they do that, but in the Oil for Food Scandal, the UN and its leaders sucked at the trough of bribery, undermining its own resolutions for the sake of personal gain for a number of utterly corrupt individuals. Remember, the UN is the body that places murderous dictators in charge of protection of human rights, and does it with a straight face.

Second, it means Germany, France and Russia all sided against us in the run-up to war. Why? Because all three are duplicitous regimes who had been helping maintain the vicious Saddam Hussein and his thugs in power. All for the sake of money. Naturally, they opposed upsetting their little gravy train, no matter how many rape rooms and terrorists their complicity ultimately funded. All three are third-rate has-beens who are utterly unable to fix their own miserably failing economies. The French, for all their bluster, actually lied to Colin Powell in a masterful example of underhandedness. Their hollow core was exposed when they failed even to protect Paris against Muslims on the rampage.

Third, there is China. A repressive regime that looks out for itself; and what is good for China is to thwart the United States, or so they believe.

Fourth, there is the Muslim world. Right; they’re going to support us! They can’t even support their own people, are riddled with corruption and powerless against the religious extremists who are destroying the Islamic faith (and a lot of Muslims who don’t go along with the radical line in the process).

It ignores the support of Great Britain, Italy, Japan and numerous other countries, especially former vassals of the former Soviet Union, who have supported us and continue to do so.

The bottom line is, we were attacked on 9/11, not Germany, France, Russia, China or any of the other countries I have mentioned. We were charged with upholding the terms of the truce from the first Gulf War, only because the UN lacks the spine and the ability to do more than carp. We recognized that in order to destroy terrorism worldwide, we would have to take down the terror-supporting or enabling states. Iraq certainly qualified, as does Iran, Syria and a handful of other countries. Libya was one of those, but thanks to the War in Iraq, Libya changed its ways. Pakistan is now with us, at least on the governmental level, because they were given no choice after 9/11. Afghanistan is a place where the Taliban no longer roam freely. Our decision was based on an honest assessment of exactly what would protect America from another 9/11 or worse. It was the right one, and the rest of the world can go to hell as far as I am concerned. They lack the will and the courage to defend even themselves.

As for the Democrats, they launched an offensive that has borne fruit, largely because the President didn’t respond to the Democrats’ lies until it was too late and the damage among the sound-bite-attuned American people had already been done. But consider the outrageous behavior of the Democrats:

Many claimed the President was illegitimate, “selected, not elected,” even though the Democrats picked the worst possible standard bearers and even though both elections of President Bush were concluded exactly according to the Constitution.

After 9/11, the Democrats realized they couldn’t beat the President on ideas, because they don’t have any, so they resorted to character assassination, something they are very good at. From Screaming Howard Dean to Screaming Al Gore and their fellow travelers, Michael Moore, Cindy Sheehan and the so-called mainstream media, they spread the most outlandish, vicious, craziest lies: From Bush knew about 9/11 in advance and did nothing to charges that he is undermining civil liberties by monitoring communication with terrorists. The list of complete fabrications stuns the mind.

I don’t know what will happen in the coming elections. I suspect that Republicans will lose the Senate and frankly, they deserve to, as weak as their so-called leadership has been. I don’t think Hillary or Al Gore or John Kerry will end up our president, but would almost hate to see John McCain in that office just as much. What I do know is that if we falter in this War on Terror, thousands more innocent Americans will die at the hands of terrorists—perhaps even tens or hundreds of thousands or even millions. That is for certain: Americans will die. And what do you think our credibility abroad will measure then?


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