Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Time for Political Realignment? You Bet.

If things don’t change and change soon, Republicans are going to lose the Senate, be weakened in the House and Democrats will pursue their crazed, irrational hate campaign against President Bush to the impeachment stage, on the most bogus of grounds. Welcome to the United States of America circa 2006.

I am pretty disgusted with the entire Congress, Democrats certainly, but Republicans as well. They can’t stick together; they can’t lead; they lack the courage of their convictions; they allow the Democrats to lie and insult our soldiers again and again without consequences; and they run for the hills rather than back their wartime president.

I am sick of the pandering. Republicans’ laughable $100 payoff to consumers to somehow make up for higher gasoline prices was absolutely despicable. The same goes for their calls on the oil and gas industry to re-invest in new production, when they know that is precisely what the industry is doing already. Ditto their phony charges of oil industry gouging.

I don’t want the Democrats in control, but with this bunch of Republicans, there isn’t much difference between the two, except that Republicans (for now, at least) won’t go for impeachment.

What we probably need is a dramatic political realignment in this country, and not along Democrat and Republican lines. We could take the pro-war Democrats and the pro-war Republicans and people on all sides who exercise fiscal restraint and believe in individual liberties and an end to political correctness and put them all together in one big Pro-America Party. The leftists, mainstream media whores, Cindy Sheehans and Michael Moores, not to mention the Kennedys, Clintons, Durbins and such could all join forces under the Anti-American Party banner. Weak-kneed pseudo-Republicans who don’t truly believe in free enterprise, such as House Speaker Dennis Hastert (one of the biggest panderers when it comes to energy) could go with the Anti-American set.

There are a lot of big issues on the table and I am afraid it is high time we rearranged things along more practical lines. Who is going to keep us safe from terrorists? Who is going to keep the economy strong? Who is going to keep the food Nazis and political correctness Nazis at bay? Who is going to insist that the mainstream media clean up its act and just be honest? Not the current bunch.

Am I alone? I think not. The Congress has even lower approval ratings than the president, and people are deserting the mainstream media in droves. Americans can recognize a stinker when they smell it. And Congress and the media certainly stink to high heaven.


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