Tuesday, June 06, 2006


Neville Chamberlain has become synonymous with appeaser. Of course, not too many people these days know who Neville Chamberlain was, nor do they know the definition of “appeaser.”

I am not sure exactly what old Neville gave up to gain der Fuhrer’s promise of “peace in our time,” but it sure wasn’t nuclear technology, which didn’t really exist in that time (1938 via the Munich Agreement, for you who don’t know history and are therefore condemned to repeat it---and what he gave up was the Sudetenland, a part of Czechoslovakia). I suppose if nuclear technology had existed, Neville would have given up that, too.

By 1939, Hitler had broken his solemn promise and invaded Poland. He later broke another solemn promise to ally with the Soviet Union by invading THAT country, as well. Chamberlain’s “peace in our time” brought us World War II.

Fast forward to 2006 and, according to the Associated Press, the United States has offered nuclear technology (and apparently Boeing aircraft parts so they can build their own jetliners for a NUCLEAR 9/11) in return for Iran agreeing to give up nuclear enrichment. The crazy Iranian president, whose name is a long-unintelligible jumble of letters that I refuse to look up out of lack of respect (so we’ll just call him Hitler-Lite) will in all likelihood tell us to take a flying leap. Of course, if he’s smart (and either he isn’t at all or he fully realizes how corruptly decadent the West has truly become) he’ll probably say “maybe” and then just continue to stall us as he builds up his nuclear arsenal.

The one person I don’t get in all of this is George W. Bush, our beloved president. I have supported him through thick and thin, through the dubious politics of sucking up to Teddy Kennedy, the Harriet Myers nomination, the Dubai Ports World mess and his bone-headedly stubborn refusal to see “la luz” when it comes to securing the borders BEFORE we discuss any kind of amnesty program for Mexican illegals. But now, I am not so sure. Say it ain’t so, George W! Please say it ain’t so.

Perhaps our president has been so beaten up and lame-ducked by the Enemy News Media and their EuroAmerican Democrat masters that he just doesn’t think he has the power politically to do the right thing and wipe Iran’s nuclear facilities AND its government off the face of the Earth. Non-nuclear air strikes on the scale of Gulf War I would probably do it. Perhaps the great Condi Rice is really just a Colin Powell in wolf’s clothing. Perhaps W has some secret plan. But, back to World War II: This is 1938 all over again!

Any idiot can see that. Go to the Holocaust Museum in Washington and look at all the signs that were so evident at the time but missed by the poor Jews who couldn’t believe such a thing could happen in their own country. Oh, yeah, according to President Hitler-Lite, THERE WAS NO HOLOCAUST.

Listen to me, people:

Iran is a terrorist state. In fact, it is the WORLD’S NUMBER ONE TERRORIST STATE. They have threatened to destroy Israel and call us “The Great Satan,” remember? They are part of, if not the dominant player in, the AXIS OF EVIL.

We are in a war with ISLAMOFASCIST TERRORISTS who want to DESTROY US. IRAN IS THE LEADER OF THE NEW ISLAMIC REICH. The War on Terror ultimately goes through Teheran, just as World War II in Europe inevitably had to go through Berlin before it was finally over.

My God, what in the Hell is happening to us? If we go ahead with this madness, we might as well all turn in our Bibles for Korans (I refuse to use the Islamofascist spelling), start wrapping rags around our heads and dressing all our women in burkahs. It really is that serious.

If you don’t believe me, go back and read your history books. This is going to cost us a lot more casualties over the long run and there is absolutely no excuse for it. Not this time.


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