Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Dems STILL Offer No Solutions

Higher taxes, political correctness, a unilateral halt to the War on Terror. That is what Democrats stand for. They may dissemble, backing and filling so as not to reveal their true nature, but that is what they really stand for. Oh, yes, and Bush hatred. Mustn’t forget that, for it is the overarching theme of all that they say and do.

They are the Party Without Ideas, so they resort to lies and personal attacks. Their only goal is power for power’s sake, not that they have a clue about what to do with it.

They want more of your and my money, so they can dole it out to others and therefore buy their votes. It doesn’t even matter if the votes they buy are cast by non-citizens, which is why they abhor voter identification. Anybody who will cast a vote for Democrats is more than welcome. In addition to illegal aliens, that includes convicted felons, people from other districts, the dead… it really doesn’t matter when the end justifies the means.

They want to stifle free speech, at least when it comes from conservatives. They themselves use the vilest language and images in their relentless effort to smear anyone who doesn’t agree with them, yet whine like banshees when the shoe is on the other foot. Of course, that is because Democrats know best—what’s best for the rest of us, mind you—while they are free to do as they please because they are so “progressive.”

They parade phony warriors—anyone with military credentials, either real or made up—to provide gravitas for their empty messages on national security. Yet, they never take that next step to tell us what the world (and the United States) might look like after they stop the war. Had we followed Murtha’s advice, al-Zarqawi would still be alive, murdering innocent men, women and children, sawing off people’s heads, killing his fellow Muslims. Stopping the war, on our side, at least, will only lead to more terror and bolder strikes against us. Relieve the pressure that is keeping Bin Laden holed up cowering in a cave and he will once again free to plot murderous attacks against Americans. Pull out of Iraq and let it go the way of Afghanistan under the Taliban, a haven for terrorists and a platform from which to launch operations against us. But the Democrats don’t look at consequences. They only want power. Power at any price.

Thankfully, the American people are wise at heart. Despite an occasional flirtation with Snake Oil salesmen, Americans know deep down that the Democrats are dangerously unserious about national security at a time when terrorists are seeking access to the worst imaginable weapons of mass destruction. Despite all the rhetoric, all the biased coverage by the leftist media, it is gut check time when you are in that voting booth. Even though images of 9/11 are censored and sanitized, lest they undermine the media’s version of the facts, people remember that day and what happened. They are not likely to vote to return to the days when we collectively hid our heads in the sand.

The Democrats can’t even see the forest for the trees, which is good news for Americans and good news for our country.


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