Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Good Riddance, Dan

Justice is done. Dan Rather leaves CBS today “to pursue other interests,” as they say when people are forced out.

The veteran CBS blowhard, who helped make his name by insulting the first President Bush, went down with the ship over his phony “news” story denigrating the second President Bush’s National Guard Service during Vietnam. This so-called journalist deserves a Pulitzer Prize for living down to the ideals of today’s lying, plagiarizing, politically-motivated “newsmen,” from Jason Blair to Paul Krugman. He became the poster boy for journalistic misconduct when he stood by his guns long after the papers alleging misconduct on the part of Guardsman Bush were proven to be counterfeit and with the full knowledge that his main source was an unhinged partisan hack.

Thanks to Rather and his ilk, the so-called Mainstream Media are losing their clout; an army of fact-checking, lie-exposing bloggers are helping see to that.

Good riddance, Dan.


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