Tuesday, June 13, 2006

A New Low for the Enemy Media

Disgusting. Un-American. Treasonous.

Those are three of the printable thoughts I have about the Arizona Republic's outrageous cartoon shown here.

The newspaper has indicted and convicted U.S. Marines based on media and terrorist tales of a supposed massacre in Haditha, Iraq. Despite the fact that no trial has occurred and that publications such as TIME have had to run numerous corrections as a result of unverified, biased reports coming from questionable "witnesses." Others in the deviant media have followed current trends in shoddy journalism and run photos of the dead from an Islamofascist terrorist act, falsely suggesting they are from Haditha. The Arizona Republic has decided, for purely political purposes, that our Marines are guilty.

In my opinion, journalists now rank below whores and politicians when it comes to fairness and basic integrity. But what else can one expect from bigoted hatemongers?


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