Friday, June 30, 2006

Observations on Items in the News

• There is absolutely no point in bemoaning the release of classified anti-terror programs by the media. The President can and should order the Attorney General to require reporters from The New York Times, The Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post to reveal their sources or sit in jail, as the liberals did to Judith Miller over the much-less-important Valerie Plame affair. Then the offending media and the traitors in government who leaked the secrets should be prosecuted for violating the espionage act. Let’s force a Constitutional issue on this one. Note that the Attorney General is seeking sources from San Francisco Chronicle reporters… on the baseball steroids story!

• If Congress has the power to fix the Supreme Court’s concerns over military tribunals, it should do so, post haste. Anyone, Democrat or Republican, who opposes such a fix should be targeted for defeat in their next election.

• What to do about the Supreme Court granting detained terrorists protection under the Geneva Convention is more problematic. Treaty-making powers are granted to the Senate. The executive branch, under the President, has war fighting powers as commander in chief. This ruling is troubling for two reasons: First, the terrorists do not abide by the Geneva Convention themselves; and second, the Court seems to have overstepped its authority. Electing Republicans who presumably will appoint conservative judges is one clear answer (that does not mean people like Lincoln Chafee or Arlen Specter). Another, less likely approach would be to impeach the offending justices. Finally, Congress should take a look at expanding checks on the judiciary branch of government, which would probably entail a Constitutional amendment.


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