Thursday, June 29, 2006

Prosecute Media Publishers and Government Leakers of Classified Information

I am not particularly upset at The New York Times and Los Angeles Times revealing the latest secret program for protecting the American people as we pursue the War on Terror. No, I am mad at President Bush and the wimps in Congress. The only way to stop this is to pursue the reporters and throw them in jail until they reveal their sources, the traitors within our intelligence community who are leaking classified information. Then the leakers need to be prosecuted. Moreover, they need to go after the news media reveal our secrets by charging them with a crime. If that means a Constitutional showdown, so be it.

The Democrats had no problem throwing The New York Times’ Judy Miller in jail over the trumped up Valerie Plame affair, so there is ample precedent. Bush isn’t going to win any kudos from the leftist media by ignoring their crimes, so what is there to lose?

The First Amendment is not absolute. Just as you cannot yell fire in a crowded theater, you shouldn’t be able to blab secrets during wartime, especially when your enemy is a bunch of terrorists bent on killing innocent Americans.

The Republican “led” Congress didn’t even see fit to name The New York Times or The Los Angeles Times in their toothless condemnation resolution. Big deal. But it is about what I've come to expect from Congress.

It is time to get tough with the traitors in government and the traitors in the media. Words and meaningless resolutions won’t cut it.

Congress and the President need to step up to the plate on this one and show some courage for a change. It’s the only way the security hemorrhage is going to stop.


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