Thursday, June 22, 2006

The REAL "Inconvenient Truth"

Two U.S. lawmakers cite declassified portions of an intelligence report which states that American troops have found some 500 chemical weapons (weapons of mass destruction, or WMD) and the next day none of the so-called mainstream media carries the story. In fact, aside from FOX News and a few internet sources (including opinion pieces by leftists dismissing the report out of hand), nobody appears to have touched the story.

Whether you believe Sen. Rick Santorum and Rep. Hoekstra or not, this is news. The fact that it has been completely ignored is proof positive of mainstream media bias against the war and against this president. After all, the Democrats’ central theme in their all-out assault on President Bush has been that he lied about WMDs and therefore the campaign in Iraq is illegitimate and should never have happened. The news media have reported that story to death. If they were honest and lived up to journalistic principles (what a contradiction in terms), they would be all over this revelation, as well.

The discovery of these WMDs was not a surprise to me. More than a year ago, I had received first-hand accounts from a U.S. Army Chemical Battalion my company adopted that they had found actual mobile weapons laboratories.

Leftist, Bush-hating bloggers will allege that this is just grandstanding by two Republican Members of Congress. They will say (without any proof whatsoever) that the munitions don’t count because they were degraded and probably leftovers from long before Gulf War II. Or they will simply ignore the news, as the so-called mainstream media has done, because it doesn’t fit their political bias.

The existence of WMDs and the media’s and Democrats’ thorough corruption are the real “Inconvenient Truth” Americans need to face.


At 8:54 PM, Blogger Snake Eater said...

Hell, we KNOW Saddam had/has WMDs because even lowlifes like Newsweek ran photos of gassed Kurds.

Newsweek and its ilk have conveniently forgotten those photos and are now saying that absent "proof" of WMDs "Bush lied", etc.

Funny how short the memory can be when your agenda has nothing to do with revealing the truth and everything to do with toppling a president you don't like...

And I gurantee you the weapons are now in Syria.

At 8:31 AM, Blogger Future Geek said...

The thing is, afaik the weapons that were found were all from the gulf war era. Not evidence of a new WMD program.


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