Saturday, July 15, 2006

Current Events Present Opportunity for Victory in War on Terror

In January, I wrote a blog called A Bold Strategy for Dealing with Iran in which I argued that, since Iran is the world’s foremost terrorist state, the War on Terror will never be concluded until regime change occurs in that country. My suggestion was for the United States and Israel to openly ally in a military effort to destroy Iran’s nuclear program, decapitate its regime and destroy all of its concentrations of military formations. With Iran no longer a part of the equation, Syria would collapse and North Korea—as Libya did after Iraq and Afghanistan—would receive the stark message that we mean business.

My friends and classmates (including current general officers), who often shake their heads and chuckle at my conservative zeal, presented scores of good reasons why such a bold course posed problems: We are too bogged down in Iraq; the military is stretched too thinly; President Bush is too politically constrained; the world would disapprove; and so on and so forth. To which I responded that there is one overriding reason to do it: A nuclear explosion in a U.S. city, which is far more likely with a terrorist, nuclear-armed Iran than without one.

Taking the offensive against Iran and Syria in conjunction with the Israelis would have the additional benefit of eliminating the one legitimate point of comparison between Iraq and Vietnam: Iran and Syria represent one huge Ho Chi Minh Trail for the delivery of terrorist “insurgents,” IEDs, other weapons and political intrigue that put American troops and Iraqi self-determination at risk.

Now, with Israel launching a major offensive against the forces of evil along its borders, my Bold Strategy makes more sense than ever. The vaunted Arab Street is going to hold the United States responsible for Israel’s actions, so we have nothing more to lose there. The rest of the world is either too decadent to take measures that will ultimately save their citizens from a bleak future filled with terror or too intent on employing Iran and its fellow Islamofascists as counterweights to American power. So it it is up to us. Israel becomes a force multiplier for the United States and we maintain sufficient air power and overwhelming air superiority in the region to launch a shock and awe campaign that would make the prep work for Gulf Wars I and II look like child’s play. We already have boots on the ground and command and control infrastructure in the area, due to the commitment in Iraq.

Military action against Iran does carry the risk of alienating a population that is fed up with the mullahs, but that population is apparently incapable of turning that dissatisfaction into a regime-changing revolution. We lack the time (and probably the capability) to nurture such a rebellion.

Without the shortcut opportunity for victory that current events offer, the War on Terror will drag on for decades and unspeakable atrocities against American troops and civilians around the world, as well as against other innocents, are guaranteed, as is the escalating scale of atrocity. Waiting any longer only guarantees that the surrender lobby in the Democrat Party and the strength of leftist loonies in the decadent West will only gain power as the American people grow weary of yet another endless war pursued by the rules of the Marquis of Queensbury, when a Patton solution is required.

Now is the time to strike. America must join forces with our Israeli allies and end this madness once and for all.